Geometrical Salt Lamps

Pyramid shape Crafted Salt LampThese stunning Himalayan Salt lamps feature various geometric shapes to fit any decor theme! Infuse any room of your home with a warm, tranquil glow while adding a beautiful focal point and conversation piece.Whether you prefer the clean lines of a cube, or the smooth, whimsical look of a globe, you are sure to find the perfect Himalayan Salt lamp to suit your style in our collection. These unique lighting features also make perfect gifts for special occasions.Enjoy the warm, relaxing glow and aesthetic beauty of these unique, functional works of art. Each of our hand carved salt lamps are crafted from a single Himalayan Salt crystal, creating beautiful, unique lighting features. Infuse your home with an aesthetically pleasing glow by placing one or more of these captivating lamps in any room!

Himalayan-Salt-lamp-cylinder-shapeEach piece is distinctly hand carved to retain the unique, natural beauty of the salt crystals,Salt lamps are a tool for relaxation of all-natural salt made thousands of years old. Salt lamps also contain some medical benefits. If you’re interested in improving your overall well-being, you may want to get a salt lamp.
Salt lamps are made of a variety of crystals of rock salt colored, such as red, pink, violet, orange and white stripes with varying colors, and textures that produce a healthy amount of negative ions. Negative ions help to clean the air, improve focus and promote healing. Ions are produced when heated within the candle light interacts with the salt crystals.

The rocks come from a variety of region like the Himalayas, Pakistan. The lights are made by rock salt and emptying cutting and polishing salt. After hollow logs, the lamp is equipped with a candle and size. When the candle is placed inside and lit the lamp, produces a warm, relaxing glow. The lamps also come in different shapes, such as spheres, forms of eggs, bowls and pyramids.


Salt lamps are wonderful as night lights and promote peaceful, sound sleep, providing a clean and healthy environment in the room. These lights are also great in the workplace, as they improve concentration and decrease fatigue and stress. They also reduce the radiation from office equipment, especially computer monitors. Salt lamps help relieve the effects of artificial lights. Salt lamps help reduce allergies in the home.
More benefits
When used in hospital and clinical environments, such as waiting rooms, salt lamps can create a relaxing atmosphere. The lamps are also useful in the healing process for convalescents. It gives a soothing and comforting effect in any room is placed on reducing stress. These lamps are good for bars, clubs, casinos, cafes and places where smoking is prevalent, such as salt lamps reduce persistent smoke residue. They absorb a large amount of negative ions in the room created by smoking. Salt lamps are also used in color therapy (chromotherapy). The calming effect of light helps people with neurotic disorders or insomnia deal.

Salt lamps can be used to restore and maintain the natural air quality, to produce a comfortable atmosphere, to promote relaxation and well-being and create a pleasant environment. Salt lamps can be found in many health food stores and stores new age-type. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety or just want to have a relaxing atmosphere in your home, salt lamps may be just what you are looking for.Geometrical Salt Lamps

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