Price List

Natural-salt-lamps1 Geometrical-shape-salt-lamps Crafted-Salt-Lamp
Natural Salt Lamps Geometrical Salt Lamps Crafted Salt Lamps
salt-soap-bars Natural-USB-Salt-Lamps Crafted-usb-salt-lamps
Salt Soap Bars Natural USB Salt Lamps Crafted USB Salt Lamps
salt-rock-tealight Himalayan-Salt-Plates Himalayan_Pink_Salt_Crystals
Rock Salt Tea-Light Salt Plates & Tiles Natural Salt Grains
Salt-inhaler-Himalayan Himalayan-Salt-Therapy-pillow Salt-Foot-Detox
Salt inhalers Salt Therapy pillow Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

The natural treatment of respiratory and stress issues with himalayan salt lamps is constantly increasing worldwide, so we decided to set up our own manufacturing facility at himalayan salt range in Pakistan.
Most shapes of salt lamps are hand crafted and designed by our skilled artists. These shapes and some new salt products are very unique in nature, elegant and healthful and getting popularity among our customers.

Another reason of our direct involvement in producing and importing salt lamps here in united states is to ensure and maintain the  good quality with low price. When we import directly, there is no middle man and no extra cost involved, so we shift this benifit to customers.
We offering an attractive whole sale price as well to encourage the bulk buyers and new retail agents in national and international market.

The popular shapes of our hand crafted lamps including geometric and animal shapes like

ParamidspherediomondCrossbowl tear dropflowerleafcathorseangelturtledolphin etc.
Our new salt products are  foot detox,   salt soap bars and   bath saltSalt cooking platessalt massage balls, massage pillowsalt inhalers  etc..
Our next on going project is building the salt rooms (Salt Caves) for halo therapy and spelio therapy for our customers. The first salt room will be completed before this christmass on our main location, here in Orlando Florida.

Thanks for being our valued customers.

Serial # Description Size / Weight Price
1. Natural Salt Lamps with powered card and 15w Bulb 2-4lbs $26
4-6lbs $30
6-8lbs $35
8-10lbs $42
10-15lbs $50
15-20lbs $55
2. Geometrical Salt Lamps Small $39
Medium $43
Large $54
3. Crafted Salt Lamps Small $50
Medium $55
Large $61
4. Salt Soap Bars Standard $6
5. USB Natural Salt Lamps Standard $22
6. USB Crafted Salt Lamps Standard $24
7. Himalayan Salt Tea Light Single Hole $9
Double Hole $12
Three Hole $14
8. Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates  8″ x 8″ x 1.5″ $33
 12″ x 8″ x 1″ $39
9. Himalayan Salt Grains 500gm $6
10. Himalayan Salt Inhaler Standard Size $42
11. Salt Therapy Pillows Standard Size $28
12. Himalayan Foot Detox Standard Size $81