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Geometrical Salt Lamps

These stunning Himalayan Salt lamps feature various geometric shapes to fit any decor theme! Infuse any room of your home with a warm, tranquil glow while adding a beautiful focal point and conversation piece.Whether you prefer the clean lines of

Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp with Pearl

This beautiful hand crafted salt lamp having shape of sea shell holds an elegant salt crystal pearl for relaxing ambiance in any room of the home. As Salt crystals emits negative ions when heated with small bulb light and negative

Hand Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamps

Enjoy the warm, relaxing glow and aesthetic beauty of these unique, functional works of art! Each piece is distinctly hand carved to retain it’s unique, natural look and the beauty of salt crystals, so no two salt lamps are exactly

Crafted Salt Lamps

Our Salt Lamps are made with million years old Salt Crystal mines from the foothill of Himalayan mountains. These natural hidden treasure of 250 million year is world’s best form of rock salt known for its purity (99.5%) and full